Ultimate Control Center for your Business

Yeah! you could get a

GOD view

of your Business

Prackr’s advanced tracking system is just at a
whole new level. You could track anything and
everything with the most versatile and highly
integration supportive platform. Opening up
new possibilities & perspective of looking at
your business with lot more unique data
points that were never considered before.

Tracking made easy

Once it's on Prackr, you wouldn't have to make calls or send emails & msgs anymore to know status updates, you are given a real-time feed on the status & progress achieved with smart milestone algorithm. And just in case you want to interact with task performer, with alert button you can notify or directly get connected to them with contextual chat.

We literally mean, you can track anything & everything

In case you got something apart from these, that you would like to track. We got robust 
 Track APIs
Helpdesk Tickets
Your customer or staff, their all grievance can be handled as easily as smiling. and BTW, May the force be with you!
Tasks & Projects
Looking for a bottleneck in your workflow. Just track it & fix it. Certainly, you can track once you assign someone a task.
Monitoring On Field staff
is like having a distance relationship. Not anymore, you get location, ETA & more.
From your office stationery to warehouse inventory get everything logged and traced. No more missing stuff.

Well, we hate data entry too! Stay focused on

Getting Work Done

Till date for task management apps, we know the sheer amount of data entry that you had to do even for a simple task, that made you reluctant from using such apps & unwillingly switch back to conventional non-productive ways like calls & emails. But Prackr with its Smart AI gets all tasks organised, scheduled & substantially resulting in less of data entry so that you can stay focused on getting actual work done.

All that you need

At one glance you get to see everything that
you need to be working on for that instance.
All tasks are smartly organised based on their
priorities, due date and your preferences. When you receive a task, you get to choose accept or reject and all other of the details of the task are entered by the sender.

Create & distribute subtasks to complete main task
Action trigger
Trigger forms or activities for validation of task completion 
Escalates task when user is unsuccessful in completing task
Mark Issues
In case of query or trouble in completion task, mark issue.
game point
Get rewarded with gamepoint & feedback post task completion


After you accept the task, Prackr AI sorts accepted task into your schedule & reminds you at preferred frequency as due date gets closer. And Validation of task completion is made seamless with action triggers. As you perform the action trigger, the task is marked completed with details of the trigger forms as report and sent to sender for feedback.

Helpdesks & ticketing softwares are so passé.


is the future

Grievance Management System is defining a new category which focuses on supporting you along the ticket resolution with powerful tools apart from creating tickets.

Multichannel support

No matter how your customers would like to interact with you, their experience would always be consistent, predictable, informed and interactive (most importantly non-robotic). From Helpdesk calls to At Desk enquiries, Emails to Social media posts of your company can be monitored & handled with bliss. And you can natively respond to all grievances via Prackr Prime App, Social Media reply, Email & SMS notifications.

Progress Bar

Research shows that over 60% of enquiries are either to know the status or to update details of their existing tickets. That's where Progress Bar changes the experience for your customer and staff. It's the most efficient, robust & solution-focused platform that gives real time updates on ticket status in form of progress with details of steps involved in process of ticket resolution.

Interactive Tools

We are constantly working on creating and refining these tools to enhance experiences of your customers and staff that would keep them informed, connected and voiced. With these tools, it's just the way that you would have expected a help desk should have always worked. And we are very certain that these tools would be defining the category in years to come.

That's how Chat apps should have been,



With 1st principle approach on digital conversations at workplaces, we focused on presenting the right info & tools required for a super productive chat!

Task based chat

In addition to features of existing chat app, we have taken a new approach on chat. In our process of design, Task-based chat is the one that has been proven as the most efficient, indexed and clutter-free approach for high productivity at work. It keeps users super focused on the accomplishment of the task and the easiest way to search information in conversations.

Inchat Polling

Research says that more than 60% of conversations in group chats are for opinions of others on a subject matter which hasn't been addressed in existing chat apps. Conventionally, a sender would have to post a query, other users post their opinions and then sender counts unformatted posts of opinions to infer. With InChat polling, users cast their opinion with a click & sender gets a direct count of the poll.

Bots support

Everything that you wished for, in a personal assistant + smart AI that can note down, remind & also answer your data related queries. Users can interact with Bot by sending them command_lines or natural language messages like "Wat's weekly task report?", "Wat should i be working on, now?", "remind on..." and lot more capabilities are being developed for 🤖

Sit Back, grab a cup of coffee and watch

Workflow Automated

Once you configure your workflow onto our system, Prackr automates & monitors all processes by your guidelines and raises flag in case of any violation

Ticket Distribution

No more spending time on finding the right resources for handling tickets. Resolve more tickets with auto ticket distribution. With our system, you will never have to worry about resource allocation, our Smart Ai chooses the resource person based on their location, level, department, skillset and by task occupancy to avoid overload & resolve ticket in the least amount of time required.

Pre-Defined Tasks
& Templates

For different types of tickets from various sources, now you can define a fixed set of tasks that you have in your workflow. This helps in channelizing your resources to follow the defined workflow with the vigilance of our system. And when it comes to same repeated issues, you can choose to auto/quick answer with Templates.

Action Triggers

Every action can be regulated & tracked. You can now validate user's task completion claim with powerful tools as above. And also trigger particular action based on user's behaviour

Recurring Tasks

Say in a situation where you have repeated set of tasks that have to be done at regular intervals. Recurring Tasks are a powerful option which auto create the task on your behalf after every cycle of the frequency that you have defined. Monitoring recurring tasks have never been this easier before!

All that matters at the end are

Reports & Results

We are constantly working on new algorithms to decipher data & create powerful reporting tools of future that make your decisions never go wrong! 🤞

Real-Time Reports

At several instances data in real time become crucial for better understanding of your organisational workflow & operations. With our high computational servers & real-time WebSockets technology, we constantly deliver every new update instantly. Choose from predefined sets such as Attendance, task status, Logs or any request custom metrics that suits your business needs

Tickets & #Tag 

Get reports on tickets & tags from your customer & staff data at preferred time frames. That help you answer critical questions about most recurring issues, your staff performance, customer happiness, resource allocation & more. and best of all You no longer have to focus on handling surveys, appraisals & auditing.

Data Maps

A smart blend of location data with user activities from resources & on-field staff, giving you Heat maps, Tag index maps, Commute Estimate maps and more.

Custom Reports

We realise every business is as unique as its team. So we made our platform adaptable to your custom requirements. With the scope of our data, any business specific report can be programmed on to our system. Contact us for any such business requirements.

It's so much more than just another new feature

Staff App

Mobiles have become an integral part of our life, then why not work? A Custom Staff App themed to your company name, logo and Brand will be hosted on android & apple app store. An all-in-one app that can track your grievances, manage your tasks, have conversations with colleagues, keep you updated and many auxiliary add-ons. Get instinctually aligned, connected & improved team efficiency, even on the go!

Available Now

Smart Forms

Restrained by one default form for your different grievances & data needs? Not anymore, Create unlimited forms and even categorises it based on accessibility and form type like customer forms for external grievances, staff forms for internal grievances, trigger forms & data forms. It's no brainer to create one and is immensely capable to cater your exact form requirements with smart logic builders & has the widest range of form components.

Available Now

Cloud telephone

Well over 60% of end customers prefer Call as a primary mode for logging their grievance. With Cloud telephony integration, now you can map IVR call flow to different customer forms by which your call centre agent would have all the details of the caller, know the purpose of call even before picking up the call and take down details in the exact customer form on their behalf. After the call, an SMS with Prackr ID & track link of their ticket can be sent to the caller.

Available Now

Hybrid Server

Nothing else is more important than your data, so we built a flexible architecture that supports data to be kept on your private servers and you can use our application hosted on the cloud to access your data remotely. With Hybrid Server Setup, our product has become immensely robust & API oriented which opens up support for wide range of integration possibilities & at the same time keeping your data secure at your end.

Available Now


Projects have been very profoundly built from our past unsatisfactory experiences of using top Project management apps. At Prackr we started from 1st principle approach on implementing the best practices of Agile. It doesn't have to be a complicated thing anymore. You are asked for story or intent of the project, then you list down related features or backlogs which get converted into tasks for your staff. You can then mod or interact with Kanban & Gantt charts and inspect real-time progress updates & bottlenecks in the project plan. Rest of it is on autopilot where you get notified when there are any variations in the burndown chart of sprints.

Available Now

Game Mode

We realise work can get boring at times. But when your are rewarded and appreciated with feedback, work can be fun and addictive. That's exactly what we did with Game Mode. From our years of experience in playing Video Games, we embedded similar analogy into our product. That makes work exciting, challenging and rewarded. With leaderboards & Titles, work dynamics at your company would impulsively turn super productive and ask for more tasks🙋‍♂️.

In Beta