We Are?

Future is Now

Being part of the 21st century is just magical.

Science fiction that we heard as kids are turning into scientific facts. Be it cars, gadgets, buildings, even your lifestyles have evolved subconsciously. Today we have power equivalent of a space station that launched rockets in 90's, in our hands as mobiles. We are this close to reach the pinnacle. With this pace and proof, we have nothing that's impossible. The only thing that's limited is resources be it physical or 4th dimension TIME. With limited resources comes the responsibility of using them efficiently!

At PRACKR, we truly believe efficiency is the way future should be heading. With limited resources as a challenge, we’re building a platform that helps you manage your Work & Time efficiently. Being a sidekick along your journey of innovation. We truly admire your effort in creating a dent in the universe, that makes us even more responsible for managing your time.

We value every second of yours, that thrives us on getting non-productive things automated like reaching out to know the status of work assigned, reminding them or even planning your schedule. We are constantly working on our platform & bot, making them more smart, more efficient & less intrusive so that you are focused on getting work done and rest of the things are at your command on autopilot.


We stand for the work-life balance. Becuz we got only one life to do all the crazy, exciting and groundbreaking things, apart from spending time with friends & family. We as a team are truly excited about the future and that's what makes us jump out of bed every morning. Developing a platform that has become an integral part of work-life for millions, made us realize our true sense of design aesthetics and user experience of our platform, that reflects our user's behavior in their day-to-day work.

At Prackr, everyone works in an engaging, challenging, data driven & empathetic culture, with the best minds in the domain. And it's awesome to see when each one of our work have an impact factor on millions. We make sure everyone at our company, are enjoying & great at what they do. And all this is fuled by tons of games, parties and crazy trips.

Join us and be part of the team that's making future efficient.

Partners & Alliances

We are open to Flag-Barriers, Dev partners, Channel Sales partners and Company alliances.

Our Dev partners can build applications on the PRACKR platform. From small sprouting startups designing Add-Ons to large systems integrators building complex applications, we support the developers and engineers building with Prackr APIs. Our support team would be happy to assist you with developments. You can reach us at support@prackr.com

Channel Partner Program authorizes Consultants, Value Added Resellers, Systems Integrators, and Distribution partners to sell and support Prackr products. Prackr Solution Providers are supported by sales, marketing, consulting, and technical support services, and receive product commissions. To become a partner share your profile at sales@prackr.com

Our Alliances