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You wouldn't have to enquire or follow up to know the status of a task that you have given others. it's like Registered Speed Post for tasks. Real-time updates with progress bar & timestamped acknowledgements makes getting back to a previous way of assigning work moderately irreversible. You would know what's done, what's having an issue, alerts, task contextual chat, escalation & much more features empowering you to track like Pro.

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No more noting down things to-do, making planners or marking calendars, all you have to do is click accept if you're willing to take-up the task, rest of the info is given by task assigner. With our superior AI Bot at your service, it manages & even suggests the right task to work on at that time frame for optimal efficiency. And when you're rewarded, challenged & given feedback as part of game mode in the app, Work never feels like work again!

If you are running a business entity, government department or any type of organisation interested in moving from current state to a more efficient state and monitor resources with Prackr Biz. Then we have lot more to offer that doesn't fit in this screen. So, please open our website on a bigger device, 💻  or ask for a demo

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Powerful Enterprise Suite helping company’s staff manage customer interactions & internal tasks with acknowledgement, Update &
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Adam Danyal
Co-Founder FlowServ
From an Idea to Robust product, PRACKR has been along with us through our startup journey. Not only as a tech partner but also as business consultant & strategists.
Lakshman Hegde
VP Operations - EXICOM
We have been able to build large scale solution at record time with help of PRACKR team & would continue work with them for all our tech requirements...
Dr ADITYA Chauhan
CEO - Natlink Solutions
With PRACKR, we are assured about solution's quality, user experience & commitment on time for our tight business deadlines. And they been great at support too.
Head of DIT - Teckinfo
The way PRACKR builds products is very practical & every pixel is crafted with a clear purpose of UX in mind. They understand business & users needs like no other.

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